Though not yet a mother myself, I am well acquainted with the Scary Mommy website. What started as a mommy blog back in 2008 has grown into an online community of parents (most of them, presumably, mothers) that is over 2 million people strong, per the Facebook page. I’ve seen friends who have already become moms like, share, and comment on the articles and memes produced by Scary Mommy—many of them clever, some very touching, and all of them seeming to be exactly what that mom needed to hear in that moment.

Motherhood—at least from what I’ve been told by my mom, mother-in-law, and friends—is a powerful and amazing journey, but it is one filled with peaks and valleys, self-doubt, isolation, anxiety, and sometimes even depression. Having an online community such as Scary Mommy to reassure mothers they are not alone in their struggles must be invaluable. Whether you need to laugh about the abysmal state of your personal hygiene while caring for a newborn or cry with a mother whose child is suffering from the same disease as your own, Scary Mommy seems to be the go-to place for moms from all walks of life.

And yet, in recent months, I started to see a shift in the content being produced by Scary Mommy. While it still features articles about breastfeeding and potty training, articles like “Here’s What Disney Princesses Trying To Access Health Care in Trump’s America Would Look Like,” “This is Why We March, And Why We Will Keep Marching,” and “What Outraged Parents Can Do To Defend Public Education After The Confirmation Of Betsy DeVos” started consistently appearing on the Scary Mommy Facebook page.

At first, I was puzzled by the editorial decision to feature the type of content found not on parenting forums but on political opinion sites. My perplexity turned to disgust as I perused the website, only to find that every featured article catered only to the leftist, progressive narrative. The site is rife with articles slamming Donald Trump, normalizing abortion, and generally promoting the progressive agenda. The pro-life narrative, the Donald Trump voters, the other side’s perspective—which is certainly embraced by some of Scary Mommy’s 2 million-plus followers—were not represented at all. Why a mommy blog felt the need to delve into the realm of political editorials is beyond me, and why its administrators would choose to ostracize an entire group of mothers who don’t consider themselves politically left is even more confounding.

Scary Mommy is a privately-owned and -run business. So, the owners and administrators have every right to produce the kind of content they see fit. If they think their business model should be mommy-blog-turned-leftist-propaganda-curator, that’s their call. But it’s a shame that the political hysteria of the past year has seeped into every facet of our lives. It’s a shame that Scary Mommy decided to taint the subject of motherhood—an empowering experience that unifies a diverse group of women—with divisive and vitriolic political commentary.

It’s disheartening that a community founded on the premise that “Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect” feels the need to lecture mothers from all walks of life on what their political views should be. It’s sad that moms seeking support via a community of other parents are now subject to political propaganda while simply trying to find some humor in changing diapers. And perhaps the most disappointing thing of all is that the administrators of Scary Mommy either refuse to acknowledge or simply don’t care that not all their readers—not all moms—are pro-abortion, Trump-hating, Democrat-voting progressives.

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