Progressive feminists are not known for letting facts or reason stand in the way of pushing their far-left agenda. In order to perpetuate their damaging “women as victims” narrative, they constantly claim that women in the United States do not have equal rights as men (they do) and that the wage gap is alive and well (it isn’t).

Feminists direct their outrage at anyone or anything they find “triggering,” sexist, or supportive of the evil “patriarchy”—the facts be damned. In other words, they turn the inconsequential into a cause for their feminist indignation and propaganda.

The latest affront to feminists’ sensibilities came courtesy of a misunderstanding involving United Airlines. Two teenaged girls were barred from boarding a United flight because they were wearing leggings. The airline clarified that these girls were not allowed to wear leggings because they were “pass travelers”—defined as employees or relatives of employees who are flying for free and are held to a dress code since they are representing the airline—but not before leftist feminists caught wind of the situation and launched into outrage mode on Twitter, accusing the airline of “policing the clothing of women and girls.”

Days later, feminists are still reeling over this incident, in spite of United’s fairly swift—and perfectly reasonable—explanation of what happened. It is absolutely justifiable for United, a public, for-profit company, to ask pass travelers—both men and women, boys and girls—to adhere to a dress code. Have a problem with the dress code? Then pony up and buy a ticket instead of flying for free.

But don’t try explaining this to the progressive feminists. Sexism, after all, is what they say it is.

Countless left-leaning sites, bloggers, and even news outlets have buried the lede on this story in order to fuel the flames of outraged feminists, thereby creating a controversy where there is none. A Jezebel author writes, “At some point in the scuffle, United decided to justify its behavior by referring to the children as ‘United pass travelers,’ prompting understandable confusion. The hell is a ‘United pass traveler’ and what sort of Elizabethan torture girdles are they expected to wear?”

The decidedly-leftist blog Scary Mommy published an article called, “Listen Up United Airlines, Leggings Are Here to Stay, So Update Your Dress Code Already.” No mention was made of United’s explanation for banning these particular girls from their flight until the author had finished her indignant rant: “Hundreds of thousands of women have worn leggings on flights before without issue. Barring these girls from the plane due to their attire was a gross form of body/wardrobe policing, and hello, they’re 10! Who were they really offending with leggings?”

Even New York Times’ article failed to mention the girls’ status as pass travelers until well below the fold, following a series of tweets and extensive coverage of various feminists’ reactions.

In the age of instant information when many people consume their news simply by skimming the first few paragraphs of an article (or worse, just the oft-misleading headline), presenting this as a case of sexist, double standards for women first and adherence to company protocol second is irresponsible and disingenuous.

At a time when “fake news” has become everyone’s favorite catch phrase, perpetuating misinformation in order to further the harmful agenda of leftist feminists isn’t helping anyone, least of all the women who walk away from these stories believing the world is out to get them simply because they are women.

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