Donald Trump is the second coming of the Third Reich. Or, at least, that’s what some would have you believe. Not since World History class my sophomore year of high school have I heard more references to Hitler, fascism, and Nazi Germany. The Left, it seems, has no problem bandying about such comparisons when discussing the new administration. They are quick, however, to condemn others for drawing such analogies.

The notoriously left-leaning Huffington Post recently wrote about a Catholic high school in Canada that is catching criticism for screening a pro-life video comparing abortion to the Holocaust. According to HuffPo, “In March, a presentation was shown in a mandatory religion class by the group Red Deer and Area Pro Life that referenced Adolf Hitler’s genocide of the disabled and other ‘unwanted’ persons in parallel to terminating a pregnancy, Canada’s Global News reported.”

The local government naturally got involved, with Alberta’s Minister of Education David Eggen saying, “It’s not good for kids to be presented inaccurate information. It’s outrageous to the general public that someone would make a connection between abortion and the Holocaust.”

While HuffPo and other media outlets were busy covering the outrage generated by the video, they conveniently failed to mention why anyone would make this comparison in the first place. Certainly nothing matches the atrocity of the Holocaust, but it’s undeniable that abortion is being used to rid the world of “disabled and other ‘unwanted’ persons”—a fact the Left and their pro-abortion allies don’t want discussed.

It was recently reported that in Iceland, 100 percent of people diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero have been aborted over the past five years. In the United Kingdom, that number is as high as 90 percent, and Denmark “predicts it will be a ‘Down-syndrome free’ nation in the next 10 years”—all statistics that seem incomprehensible to many family members and loved ones of people with Down syndrome. The killing of children with Down syndrome before they are born is disturbing on many levels. To begin with, people with Down syndrome are human beings whose intrinsic worth lies in their humanity, regardless of any disabilities or differences. They are no less deserving of basic human rights—chief among these the right to life—than anyone else.

Every human life has value—regardless of whether a person has some sort of disease, handicap, or disability—and people with Down syndrome often lead full, healthy lives in spite of their chromosomal abnormality. They have families and friends; some have jobs and spouses; and many are active members in their communities. Attempting to rid the world of people with Down syndrome simply because they are different constitutes the dangerous and morally reprehensible practice of eugenics not entirely unlike what was practiced in…Nazi Germany.

The Left prefers to focus their outrage on those who dare to compare the horrors of the Holocaust to the practice of abortion. But this is simply a diversion meant to distract people from the ultimate consequences of their agenda. By justifying, glorifying, and normalizing a procedure that allows those in power to prey upon the powerless, the Left seeks to create a society in which one’s humanity is arbitrarily determined by another and the powerful decide who is worth keeping alive and who is disposable.

This article was originally published on Smart Girl Politics.

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