Reclaiming Feminism is a publication for women, by women who feel unrepresented and unwelcome in the current, progressive feminist movement. We seek to provide insightful content that inspires women to make their voices heard.

We believe every woman is a strong, unique individual who is invaluable to her family, community, workplace, and society.

We believe perpetuating the narrative that women are victims is harmful and does not empower women to reach their full potential.

We believe all people, especially women, thrive in a free society that values personal liberty, God-given rights, open markets with equal opportunity, and limited government.

We encourage critical thinking and passionate, respectful debate. All issues, from choice in education to balanced budgets, are women’s issues. We don’t vote as a bloc; we vote as individuals. And we vote for the candidates who best represent our views and concerns, not those who simply pander to our biology.

Unlike the progressive feminist movement, we welcome all women and want to foster thoughtful, meaningful, and productive discussions. We acknowledge that we won’t agree on everything, and that’s okay.

We are unapologetically pro-life and believe true feminism protects the rights of both women and unborn children–approximately half of whom are women! Abortion merely perpetuates violence against women, which is never acceptable. Empowering women to protect both themselves and the most vulnerable among us is imperative, and pro-life feminists deserve a voice in this critical conversation.

We hope our content inspires and empowers a new feminist movement. Women are strongest when all of us have a voice.